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m5_stillness's Journal

A Maroon 5 Icontest.
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This is a icontest community for all things Maroon 5. The mods noticed that there isn't an icontest devoted to the boys, so why not make one ourselves? So, here it is. Mhm. You should join and participate, because you know you want to ;D.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mods:
mancalahour and bareknucklesass

Challenge #5 is in progress!

[1] Entries per person vary each challenge.
[2] You may not use any other images outside of the ones we give you for the challenge, unless otherwise stated.
[3] Please, pleasepleaseplease no animated icons, but any blending, textures, brushes, etc. are allowed. That's why it's called m5_stillness.
[4] Your icons must follow LJ guidelines: 40k and 100x100 or less.
[5] You must join the community to participate in the challenges, which includes voting.
[6] C'mon guys, no voting for your own icons and no getting your friends to; it's what we like to call cheating and we know you could win without doing that ;].
[7] Icons must be new for the challenge. You may not post up something you've made in the past.
[8] Icons and their URLs are to be posted in a comment of the challenge post ONLY.
[9] No stealing the icons that someone put their blood and sweat into. Please comment to the winners' post if you want their icon.

[1] Challenges are posted up on Sunday.
[2] Entries are due by each Friday.
[3] Voting occurs Friday through Sunday afternoon. There will be a poll put up so you can vote for your three favorites.
[4] The winners will be posted up along with a new challenge on Sunday night.

For every ten icons entered there will be a mod's choice.

How to submit your icon.
You first post the picture, then you post the url underneath it, like so:


A complete list of the resources we use for challenge pictures and anything else we use is located HERE.

Do you have questions? Suggestions? Would you just like to shower your lovely mods with affection? Well, now you can! you can contact us via aim, or you can e-mail us at stickynikki[at]gmail[dot]com.


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Want to affiliate with us? Comment to this post.

A list of picture resources can be found at the bottom of the page, here.

Credit and many thanks to quebelly for starting the stillness movement.